Acceptable Use Policy

Abuse Definitions

Resource Abuse

1.1.1 - Any use of our Service, intentional or otherwise, that negatively affects other clients or equipment on the network.

1.1.2 - Any intentional or on-demand use of our Service to maliciously exploit foreign networks or machines.

1.1.3 - Any use of our Service to distribute or propagate malicious code or scripts.

Communications Abuse

1.2.1 - Communications Abuse is any email-based communication sent without the consent of the recipient, or which otherwise violates U.S. Anti-Spam Law.

Illegal Content

1.3.1 - All content hosted on our Service must comply with the state and federal laws of where the service is provided. Currently, we host only out of New York, United States.

Mediation & Remediation

Complaint Handling

2.1.1 - All complaints are forwarded to the Client in the form of Support Tickets.

2.1.2 - Complaints deemed frivolous or otherwise not of our concern will have their Support Ticket closed immediately.

2.1.3 - Should we require the Client to respond to the complaint, we will say so in the Support Ticket.

2.1.4 - The Client must respond in a timely manner to the Ticket. Failure to do so may result in suspension or termination of Services.

2.1.5 - A Support Ticket should be opened by the Client if they expect a high complaint volume or runs a service which proxies traffic for the general public so our governance and complaint handling is more adequate and informed.

Intentional / Malicious Abuse

2.1.1 - Intentional / Malicious Abuse is any Abuse defined in the Abuse Definitions which is carried out with the consent and prior knowledge of the Client.

2.1.2 - Intentional Abuse of our System will result in termination of Service without refund or compensation.

2.1.3 - In instances where the Client has knowingly abused our Network to host illegal material, especially child abuse content, we will proactively consult Law Enforcement.

2.1.4 - The Client will be banned from purchasing Service with us in the future.

2.1.5 - If a Client is banned from our Service, section 2.1.2 will be invoked preemptively.

Incidental Abuse

2.2.1 - Incidental Abuse is any Abuse defined in the Abuse Definitions done on accident, especially if committed by a Guest operating the Client's service.

2.2.2 - Depending on the situation, we will attempt to mediate with the Client to continue doing business together.

2.2.3 - In extreme situations, especially instances where our Network is being used to abuse other networks, we may suspend the Service until mediation is complete.

2.2.4 - If Abuse occurs frequently, we may ask that changes be made to services running on the Client's Service to improve the health of our Network.

While this policy outlines what you may expect from our governance while hosting with us, we reserve the right to terminate any service at any time for any reason or no reason at all.

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